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Hellooo! My name is Phoebe. I am a 16 year old girl from the UK who is obsessed with GOT. I haven't read the books so no spoilers from me! :)
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5. I hate summer, because summer hates me. 


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The Watchers on the Wall

I was going to post this yesterday but google chrome freaked out.

When Ygritte died I was sad, and my eyes were watering. But by the end of the episode that feeling was gone. I’m honestly more excited about the final episode than I am sad that she died. I already knew that with all the deaths that have happened this season, someone was bound to die during the battle. I feared that it would be Sam or even Jon who would die. So I was relieved that it wasn’t them. I really liked Ygritte, but likely due to the shock of Oberyns death last week and the knowledge it would happen again, her death didn’t leave a lasting effect on me.